Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prohibition Bash!!

So this coming Friday December 5th 2008 from exactly 5:32 1/2PM onwards, we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition!!!!
Unlike the days of "temperance" you will not need a password to get in, nor will you have to run out the back door for fear of being arrested for.......drinking.
Come and hang for some prohibition inspired cocktails like the:
Mary Pickford
Colony cocktail
Old Fashioned
French 75
Amendment 21

Also, we'll be having specials on Budweiser and Yuengling, as a nod to their both delivering a truckload of beer to the White House the day of and, the day after, respectively, of the repeal in 1933, which is interesting because it takes more than a day to make beer.....
ok check here for more updates but let's have some fun maybe we could show the untouchables and play oldtimey music any suggestions? let us know
Oh and Carey Nation, this Friday goes out to you
The Safe Haven Crew

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